Trading Recap: $HXPN

Trading Recap: $HXPN

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Here’s another trading recap from yours truly!

Summer is here but that’s not stopping me from finding ways to make EXTRA money.

And for me, trading penny stocks is just one way to do so. Today, I would like to share my results on a ticker I jumped in on July 3rd.

Just prior to the big, national holiday of the USA.

It popped up on my scanner around July 2nd as having unusual volume so I started looking into it.

After some digging and research, it turns on this ticker hadn’t had filings on the business for quite some time.

And now it looks like the CEO was doing some major updates on filings. (You can do this for any stock by looking up where the company registered.)

Which can be HUGE in the penny stock land.

So when July 3rd came around, I grabbed a position of $500 at 0.12s.

A few days later, the price spiked to 0.36s which basically DOUBLED my initial position.

I recouped my initial investment and sat on free shares to see what this stock is up to.

And now I’m still holding onto the free shares so my risk for the volatility is not as bad as someone who didn’t cash out some gains.

This is just another example of how you can easily double money by trading penny stocks.

Build up your confidence by trading and you can make extra money!

Where are YOU at with your trading? Have you considered it?

Leave a comment below!

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