Trading Recap: $DCGD

Trading Recap: $DCGD

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If you were fortunate to get in on DCGD before it took off last week, you probably obtained gains of anything up to 10,000%!

The price went from 0.0028 to 0.369, super crazy!

I wasn’t fortunate to catch this stock before the massive run but when it pulled back for a dip, I knew it was time to get in.

I entered an initial position on 7/15 before the massive dip and then added some more yesterday.

Based on how DCGD reacted before, it would pullback and slowly climb back up for a pop in price.

So today my predictions were true. The price is on its way back to 0.30 levels.

My price target for profits is mid 0.30s and if it fails to get there, it will be time to get out and move onto other tickers.

After all, nothing is forever in the OTC market.

There will always be another ticker that could potentially run.

The technical tools I used for this entry was the fibonacci retracement tool and I like to use the 38% retracement to plan my entries.

The reason why I think it still has potential is there are pending updates for the upcoming merger announcement.

And recent change of management.

Which is a HUGE deal in the OTCMarket.

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