Trading Recap: $APHD

Trading Recap: $APHD

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Here’s a trading recap regarding on stock ticker APHD. It wasn’t the greatest trade considering how it tanked after an initial pop and I just jumped into it at a bad time.

You win some, you lose some. But the important part is learning from your mistakes and knowing when to cut your losses FAST.

Because if I told you I have a 100% percent win rate in penny stocks, you would be highly doubtful right?

So I’m trying to be completely transparent.

I took on a $400 position on APHD yesterday after finding out about it late.

And it already took off on it’s initial spike. The catalyst was that a merger was coming IF the company became current on all of its filings.

Well this announcement took the share price from 0.0032 to 0.0126. I entered around 0.0098 when I saw it dip for an opportunity.

But the ticker wasn’t planning on performing a rebound because it kept on dropping until I had to sell it for a LOSS of $100.

I initially heard about this ticker from my Twitter account. Then I started to perform my research.

I went to and checked out the share structure.

Which looked pretty good. It wouldn’t take that much dollar volume to make it spike IF there was a decent catalyst.

Then I checked out the disclosures tab for any latest filings or updates.

So there was one.

And the most interesting part was a “change in control” which suggests a pending merger.

But it was conditional upon having the company be up-to-date.

It’s good news but not enough for a long term hold. So I was aiming for a quick flip.

I set up my order on 0.0098 which I determined using a fibonacci tool and used the 38% level as my determinant.

Then once my buy ordered was filled, I immediately set my sell order just so I can avoid be greedy.

But the price started to head in the other direction.

I checked the 30 minute chart and the 5 minute charts for the activity levels.

And it looked like it was struggling to rebound.

So I sold and took my loss so my account can live to trade for another day.

There’s no point holding onto losers when a winner can bring you back to even or more.

I purchased the shares yesterday and sold today for a loss. Now I’m aiming to use these funds to buy something else that can earn me money.

Sometimes you just need to take the loss, dust off the pain and try again.

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