JUN – AUG 2019 Blog Income Report

JUN – AUG 2019 Blog Income Report

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Hey there! I meant to be consistent about publishing my blog income reports but life happened and this blog sort of got put on the back burner.

So not much earning potential happening yet.


But the good news is that I’m still keeping up with it. The goal for the next couple of months is create a digital product or services that I can sell.

Because I have learned that’s the fastest way to monetize your blog.

And for me, what I came up with so far is a course for teaching out to trade OTC (Over-the-Counter) penny stocks. In addition to offering paid penny stock ticker alerts.

To give traders such as myself and aspiring traders an EDGE on their trading.

So if you’re interested, stay tuned!

But to stay on track, here’s the breakdown of expenses and income (if any) from June through August 2019!

G SuiteGoogle Business Email and Various Google FunctionalityMonthly7.44
Big Stock PhotoStock photos for my blog, can't rely on free photos forever! Monthly charge.Monthly59.00
ConvertkitEmail marketing automation softwareMonthly29.00

TOTAL LOSS SO FAR: $1,290.23 (cumulative)

TOTAL INCOME SO FAR: $0.48 (from Google Adsense)

The blog expenses keep piling up unfortunately and I haven’t been able to find a way to have the blog pay for itself yet.

The good news though is that my Google Adsense income is growing (not fast enough unfortunately).

So I need to ramp up my affiliate marketing and most likely digital products!

Thoughts on my progress so far:

If I say I wasn’t disappointed with the amount of income being generated from this blog, I’d be lying.

But I have to take a step back and give myself major props for getting started.

Just because I have pushed it off for so long. Because I knew personal finance was something I was ALWAYS passionate about.

It just wasn’t apparent to me.

Even when I single-handedly coached my younger sibling in everything about personal finance.

Or even when my closest friends from college asked me about personal finance information.

So I am going to continue with this blog.

If you came to this page expecting to see how easy it is to make money off of your blog then I would hate to break it to you straight. It’s darn tough.

Of course it can also depend on your niche.

There’s lots to do still and this blog won’t grow on its own. Until the next blog income/loss report!


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