How to Make Extra Money in 2019

How to Make Extra Money in 2019

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If you’re feeling the 9-to-5 work grind and are wondering ways on how to make extra money then check out these 7 tips!

It’s been updated to accommodate the newest ways to earn money online.

For 2019!

So without further adieu, come read along!

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1. Trading Penny Stocks

For those of you not familiar with penny stocks and how they work. Check out this beginner’s guide.

Penny stocks require very little capital to start and although they are very risk, you can learn to double your money or more by trading them.

It’s an invaluable skill and requires you to be constantly on your A-game but the rewards are well worth it.

You can take $500 and churn out $1000 by flipping a potential penny stock.

It can be quite a thrill to buy thousands of shares instead of a few because these stocks are priced below $5 and sometimes even way below a penny.

And the volatility in these markets can shoot up to 1000 percent gains.

For more help on how to actually make money with trading this stocks, head over here.

2. Flipping Websites With Flippa

What is Flippa?

It’s a website dedicated to helping people buy and sell websites, and online businesses.

But guess what? You can leverage this platform to make some additional money.

And there’s a few different ways on how you can do so.

Let’s start with the first one.

Make Money Flipping Domains

A domain name is what you type into your browser when you want to head over to a website.


But anyone can buy and register a domain name.

And you can sell them to other people interested in leveraging a certain domain name.

It’s one of the unique ways on how to make extra money.

For example, if you had a catchy name for a future business or feel that a certain celebrity is going to be popular pretty soon.

A website name with that person’s name can be quite lucrative.

It’s even better if someone reaches out directly to ask you to sell that domain name to them.

Make Money Flipping Websites

Another way of how to make extra money through Flippa is through the buying and selling of websites.

Lots of budding developers build up their skills on Flippa and create websites for sell.

Called “starter websites”.

Which is basically a brand new website that has the potential to bring in additional income.

If someone is able to put in the extra work.

What you could do with these websites is buy it at a low price and then build up some additional SEO for it.

Then sell it to someone willing to build it up into an actual business.

3. Start a Drop-Shipping Business

This one might be more time-consuming for those interested in how to make extra money.

But it can be quite lucrative if you can put in the time for it.

A drop-shipping business is where you sell goods on your website (essentially e-commerce).

And the beauty of it is that you hold no inventory in your possession.

Because you are leveraging 3rd party suppliers to deliver the goods for you.

Now, a lot of people might still be wondering if this business idea is still profitable for 2019.

And it STILL IS.

Because there are a lot of niches you can leverage.

Plus, more and more people are turning to the internet to purchase items.

Since it’s more convenient and people can shop at their own leisure.

And to start one, you can either purchase a starter website from Flippa or create one entirely from scratch yourself.

By pricing the goods appropriately, you can guarantee yourself a considerable amount of profits if you drive enough traffic to your website.

It’s not easy but it’s a great way to make additional money.

4. Create a Blog

When I first created this blog, I considered it a virtual investment.

Because there’s been a growing number of people making money off of their blogs.

There’s people making a couple thousand a month by leveraging their blog.

And there’s a few making SIX FIGURES through their blog.

So why not start your own? I provided some helpful tips here on how to get started.

If you’re interested in creating one, make sure you pick a great hosting provider such as Siteground.

Because if you don’t, your website will run slow which will greatly affect your search rankings.

Through Google, bing, or even yahoo (does anyone still use the yahoo search engine?).

5. Offer Coaching Services

Hope your enjoying these methods of how to make extra money!

And here’s another one!

Everyone has some sort of fear, doubt or unease that they need help on.

My sister needed some coaching for the development of her future career.

A friend of mine needed additional help on how to manage their debt.

Do you see a common trend?

People aren’t afraid to ask for help.

And there’s individuals willing to help out for a price.

So if there’s something you know very well, try offering it as a coaching service!

You can offer coaching services aimed to promote sports development of kids, development of adults, etc.

There’s different people seeking different help.

And one of the easiest ways to do so is posting up an ad on craigslist or setting up a website for people to request your services.

6. Leverage Service Apps

It’s much easier to have a side hustle now than several years ago.

Due to the boom of apps and smartphones.

So leverage these service apps!

Such as Lyft, Uber, DoorDash, Postmates, TaskRabbit, etc.

What they all have in common is that you can work off of your OWN schedule. Download the app, look at what is needed and perform the task.

And then you get paid to do it.

Simple enough right?

Some of them require a car to perform the tasks so if you don’t have enough to offset the gas charges, you might be at a loss.

But with some planning, you can definitely make a profit.

I knew friends who were making an extra $500 each week through these service apps!

7. Create a Dividend Portfolio

Here’s where you can leverage money to make additional money!

The simplest way to think of dividend stocks is stocks that pay interest for holding onto them.

Instead of selling them for profit.

So how do you start a dividend portfolio?

You first sign up with a broker that allows you to buy stocks.

Etrade and TDAmeritrade are ones I’ve used personally and I think these two are the best.

Of course, you’re free to try others as well.

Then fund the account with the spare money you have available to invest.

And research large corporations that offer decent dividend payouts of at least 1%.

Some I know off of the top of my head are McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Apple.

Add to your portfolio whenever you can with the extra money you have.

Then watch your dividend portfolio grow!

Hope this was helpful! What ways are YOU currently using to make extra money?

Leave a comment below!

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