Hi there! My name is Sue.

I am a millennial who has a passion for anything related to personal finances!

This blog was born to share my experiences and to empower others with financial knowledge.

Especially with investing and making money WORK for YOU.

You’ll see what worked for me, what I found, my successes and my failures.

But before that, here’s a little bit about my background.

Like many Asian American families, my parents were the first to come to America.

They came here so their children (my sister and I) could be born in a country full of OPPORTUNITIES.

And I very much appreciate that.

I am thankful to my mother who taught me the importance of personal finance.

As this is an invaluable skill that schools don’t teach.

Furthermore, my mother helped me open my very first bank account. (I think I was around five years old?)

It’s probably one of the best decisions she ever did for me.

The account came with those small bank account books.

Kind of like this.

Except mine was red since it was from an asian bank (red is a good luck color in my culture).

BUT as a kid who barely knew the worth of money, I was ecstatic. Because having a bank account taught me how to save.

Any extra red envelope money from Chinese New Year’s would go into it.

But anyway, I would say that I wouldn’t have such great passion for personal finance if it weren’t for my mom.

She taught me how to save and plan money for the future because that’s how everyone STARTS.

This skill opened the path for me. And along the way, I have discovered that there are investments and other ways to GROW your wealth.

So this blog is one of those examples and I’m aiming to turn this blog into a worthy investment.

And if you’re thinking of setting up your own blog to earn money. Here’s a little helpful guide on how to set started.

Okay, this blog is not ALL about me. It’s what I can also do for YOU.

Because I also want to spread the knowledge.

And here’s why.

One of my goals is to educate anyone who stumbles upon this blog, a little more about personal finance. That way, they can take charge of their money and feel empowered to do more with it.

If you learned something from this blog, that’s a BIG win for me.

Give me a virtual high-five!

For those that happen to stumble upon this blog, I highly suggest reading from here.

The main takeaway is empower yourself with financial knowledge. It’s the ONE thing people can’t take away from you.


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